Interested in losing your intellectual virginity?

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    What does that mean?

    It means that we will provide the logical resources that you will need for losing your intellectual virginity. We do this by by providing you access to the logical arguments that cannot be refuted, Notice we wrote that “cannot be refuted.” We did not write “that cannot be refuted by you.” The arguments we present cannot be refuted by anyone because they are logical arguments. Logic is the science of correct reasoning. For example, try to refute the following argument:

All unmarried men are bachelors.
Tom is an unmarried man.
Therefore Tom is a bachelor.

    If an unmarried man means a man --- not a boy or a male child ---  that has never been married and if Tom is a man that has never been married, then he is, quad era demonstrata, or QED, --- it  has been demonstrated ---  a bachelor. This argument cannot be refuted by anyone.

    We have precisely defined our terms; we have followed the logic of quantification --- you can only say three things about whatever you are talking about --- all things are the case; some things are the case, or no things are the case --- and our conclusion follows necessarily from our premises.

    For example, suppose we are talking about the colors of crows What could we say? We could only say 3 things, and 3 things only: we could say:

    All crows are black.
    Some crows are black.
    No crows are black.

    To prove the first claim false, all you would have to do is show me one crow that is not black. This would render my claim that “all crows are black” false.

    Or suppose we are are talking about “climate change.” What can be said, by anyone?” Only three things, and it does not matter who says it; even if it is the President of the United States. All he, or she, can say is the following:

    All climate change is bad, or
    Some climate change is bad
    No climate change is bad.

      Certainly the claim “All climate change is bad” is false. The climate has been changing ever since the planet earth has been in existence. To say that all climate change is bad is to say that the four seasons are bad because during the four seasons  the climate changes. To say that all climate change is bad is to to say that when it rains --- since the climate changes from no rain to “it is raining” --- it is bad. But this is neglecting the fact that plants, as well as animals, need water to exist. If all climate change is bad, then, when it rains, it must be bad.

      We could go on but we think we have made the point in favor of logic. However, we will continue to make the same the same point whenever it is needed.